Kamido 24

The Kamido24 website, dedicated to roadside assistance, was created based on advanced technologies to ensure effective and easy use.

  1. Technologies and Responsiveness: Using the latest web technologies, the Kamido24 website was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The design includes a responsive design, which ensures optimal user experience across devices.
  2. Services and Vehicle Fleet: The website contains detailed information about the roadside assistance services offered and also presents the fleet of vehicles available to customers. Multimedia technologies, such as photos and possibly video, were used to fully demonstrate the professionalism and scope of the offer.
  3. Contact form: A contact form has been implemented, adapted to the latest security standards, enabling users to quickly contact Kamido24 support. All transmitted data is safe and protected against possible threats.
  4. Domain email: To increase professionalism and facilitate contact, a dedicated e-mail was created in the domain, which allows for effective communication with customers.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies have been used, which helps improve the website's visibility in search results. Key words related to roadside assistance services are properly integrated.
  6. Security and Certificates: The Kamido24 website uses current internet security standards, and all information transmitted is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. Additionally, if it exists, the site may have security certificates such as SSL.
  7. Integration with Management Systems: In the case of a larger scale of operations, the website can be integrated with management systems, which facilitates effective order processing and internal communication.

The Kamido24 website not only presents the full range of roadside assistance services, but also provides users with simple and effective tools for communication and interaction with the company's offer.

The Kamido24 website recorded a significant increase in traffic thanks to well-thought-out search engine optimization (SEO) activities and an advertising campaign in Google Ads. Here is a more technical description of these activities:

  1. SEO optimization:
    • A comprehensive SEO audit was conducted, identifying key areas for improvement, such as keywords, URL structure, meta tags, and content optimization.
    • Internal and external linking strategies were used, which contributed to strengthening the website's authority in the eyes of search engines.
    • The quality of the content on the website was improved, increasing its information value and attractiveness for users.
  2. Google Ads campaign:
    • Targeted advertising campaigns were developed in Google Ads, including key phrases related to roadside assistance.
    • Configured campaigns using analytical tools, monitoring ad effectiveness and adapting strategies based on data analysis.
    • Remarketing tools were used to reach users who had previously visited the Kamido24 website.
  3. Data Analysis and KPIs:
    • Site traffic tracking tools such as Google Analytics have been set up to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyze user behavior.
    • Regular data analyzes were carried out, identifying areas for optimization, adapting SEO strategies and advertising campaigns based on the results.
  4. Competition Reporting and Monitoring:
    • Reports were regularly created on the results of SEO and Google Ads campaigns, providing clear information on traffic growth, conversions and return on investment.
    • Monitored competitor activities, adapting strategies to maintain competitiveness.

These activities resulted in a significant increase in the number of visits to the Kamido24 website and improved the visibility and position of the website in search results. The combination of effective SEO optimization and targeted Google Ads campaigns contributed to the effective promotion of the roadside assistance offer.

Sample monthly report of daily positions with SEOStation tool

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