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Welcome to my website! My name is Tomasz Szczepaniak, a graduate of two fields of study at the Opole University of Technology, a master's degree in electrical engineering and a computer science engineer. My passion for technology is combined with experience in various projects covering a wide spectrum of services.


About me

Hello, my name is Tomek and I have been creating websites for over 5 years!


1. Electrical Engineering (Master of Engineering)

  • During my studies in Electrical Engineering, I gained deep knowledge of circuit theory, automation, electronics and power engineering. Implementation of engineering projects allowed me to practically apply the acquired theory.

Engineering work: "Testing of a 1- and 3-phase transformer"

Master thesis: "HUB-DRIVE engine design"

2. Computer Science (Engineer)

  • The second major, Computer Science, allowed me to broaden my horizons to include areas related to programming, databases, operating systems and software engineering. The combination of technical and analytical skills acquired during my studies constitutes a solid foundation in my professional career.

Engineering work: "Software for precisely locating the position of objects"


Creating websites

WordPress pages

I offer professional services for creating websites based on WordPress. Thanks to my approach, these websites are not only functional, but also aesthetic. I work with an experienced graphic designer to deliver a dedicated design that will perfectly reflect the client's vision.

Dedicated Pages

For clients looking for unique solutions, I create dedicated websites, tailored to individual needs and business goals. Cooperation with a graphic designer allows you to create a graphic design that perfectly matches the client's idea.

Developing Internet Applications

Dedicated Systems

I have experience in designing and creating dedicated internet systems. I use modern technologies, such as the Node.js framework, to deliver web applications with excellent performance and flexibility.

In addition to designing and creating dedicated web systems, my practice also includes building applications using React.js and creating mobile applications in the React Native environment. Using these advanced technologies, I am able to provide solutions with excellent performance and flexibility that meet the highest customer requirements. My approach is based on constant striving for improvement and using the latest developments in the field of web technologies to provide users with the best experience.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media
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