UKS Judo Okay Opole

I am glad that I could participate in the creation of a website for UKS Okay Judo Opole. This project was not only a design challenge, but also a commitment to digital accessibility. Here are some key details about this website I created:


WordPress: The website was based on the WordPress platform, which allowed for flexible adaptation of the content to the needs of the sports club.

Digital Accessibility

WCAG directives: When designing the website, special attention was paid to compliance with WCAG directives, which is in line with applicable Polish law regarding digital accessibility.

Digital Accessibility Declaration: A digital accessibility declaration has been created to ensure that the website meets all accessibility requirements set out in the regulations.

Activities for People with Disabilities

Friendliness for People with Disabilities: All features added to the website are aimed at increasing accessibility for people with various types of disabilities.

Customizations Panel: A special panel has been added, allowing you to adapt the website to the individual needs of users. In this panel you can enlarge and reduce the text, change the contrast, use gray or negative mode.

Keyboard Support: With keyboard-only users in mind, the website has been optimized for intuitive navigation and interaction.

I am glad that I could contribute to the creation of a website that not only represents a sports club, but also ensures accessibility and comfort of use for everyone.

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