Website positioning

As part of my comprehensive services, I offer:

wyniki wyszukiwania


Effective positioning of websites and online stores in the most popular search engines

dobór słów kluczowych

Key phrases

Professional advice and support in selecting optimal key phrases

modyfikacja strony

"on-site" activities

Preparation or modification of technical elements of the website in order to achieve positioning

opłaty za wyniki


Fees for the page's results in the search engine

What is positioning?

Positioning is an activity aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the search engine. A website that appears high in search results is visited more often by users, and therefore your company has a greater chance of acquiring a new customer.

How is a page's position determined?

Google's advanced algorithm is responsible for the entire mechanism of calculating place in the search engine. It takes into account several hundred factors that influence it and, on this basis, allocates places in the search results for a specific keyword phrase and the page ranking.

Selection of keywords

Good selection of keywords is undoubtedly the most important element of planning a website's positioning. As a rule, the client knows what phrases he would like to be displayed in the search engine. However, my role is to check and select them appropriately so that they are words that are actually entered in the search engine. Thanks to the available tools, you can also easily check what other similar words are used.

Satisfied customers


Increased traffic


Increased revenue

Monthly reports

Settlements are made by presenting a monthly report. Such a report details the phrase and the position it was in during the billing period. The position of the page to be settled is calculated from the average position for the entire month. Such reports are generated using the SeoStation program, which reliably measures organic search results.

How much does positioning cost?

Many factors influence the cost of website positioning. The most important thing in this process is to determine the key phrase. The longer the phrase, the cheaper the positioning becomes - but then we are not sure whether the customer will enter such a long phrase in the search engine. The number of searches for a given phrase per month and the competition that fights for the best positions in the search engine are also taken into account.

You pay for the effect

Fees are charged for the effect, i.e. entering a phrase in a specific position in Google. Payments are collected when a given keyword reaches position 10 or higher in the search engine (first page of Google). If I can't do it, you pay nothing.
Why could it fail?
Positioning is a very complicated process and its results depend on too many ranking factors. Therefore, no guarantee can be given for this. So if someone guarantees this to you, it's simply not true.

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