Elite-Fighters customer zone

The Elite-Fighters system allows users to sign up for group and individual training. Trainings, previously added by the administrator (trainer), are managed in the MongoDB database. The trainer determines the availability of individual training sessions, and their confirmation requires the trainer's approval. The coach has a full overview and statistics of training sessions, and can also monitor the players' presence during training.


  1. Node.js
    • Express.js framework for creating server-side web applications.
    • It works asynchronously, supporting real-time I/O operations.
  2. MongoDB
    • Document type database.
    • It is used to store information about workouts, users and confirmations.
  3. Frontend – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Handlebars
    • They enable the creation of responsive and visually attractive interfaces.
    • Handlebars as a template engine makes it easy to generate dynamic pages.
  4. AWS EC2
    • Everything hosted on the AWS EC2 platform, ensuring scalability and reliability.


Registration and Login

  • User registration
    • Users can register by providing the necessary information.
  • Login to the system
    • Secures access to the customer area.
    • Registration for training is only possible for logged in users who have confirmed their email address
  • Password reset
    • If you lose your password, you can enter your e-mail address to which a special link will be sent to enable you to change your password. The link is valid for a certain amount of time

Training Review

  • List of available group and individual training sessions
    • Users can browse available workouts in the system.
  • Training details
    • Information about time, place, trainer and seat availability.

Registration for Trainings

  • Registration for group training
    • Allows users to sign up for a selected group training session.
    • If the available places are exceeded, the user is placed on the reserve list. They are notified about this with an appropriate message, and if they are dropped from the reserve list, they receive an e-mail with information.
  • Registration for individual training
    • Users select the type of training and the time that is available.

Management of Trainings by the Administrator

  • Adding workouts to the database
    • The administrator (trainer) adds training sessions, specifying their parameters.
  • Determining availability for individual training
    • The coach determines when he is available for individual training.
  • Confirmation of individual training sessions
    • The administrator confirms individual training by sending an appropriate e-mail notification.

Notifications and Email Messages

  • Notifications about confirmed individual training sessions
    • Players receive e-mail notifications after confirming individual training.
  • Training cancellation messages.
    • Users receive notifications about canceled training sessions.

User Interface

  • Responsive user interface
    • Adapted to various devices, ensuring comfortable use.
  • Intuitive training registration form
    • The user can easily and quickly select a training session and confirm the recording.


The Elite-Fighters System Project: Customer Zone provides a comprehensive tool for managing training in a flexible and easy-to-use manner. The use of Node.js, MongoDB and the Express.js framework ensures scalability and efficiency of the system.

The software is ready for further development, allowing for adaptation to specific customer needs. Additionally, the user interface supported by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Handlebars technologies guarantees a friendly and attractive experience for users.

The final version of the system has been tested for performance and security, which allows us to conclude that it meets the intended goals and expectations of users. The system is still being developed.

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