Google Ads advertising

Google Ads is an advertising system that allows you to display ads in the search engine and in the advertising network (websites, videos, applications). The most popular settlement system is PPC (pay per click), in which settlement is based on the number of clicks on the ad.

How much does advertising cost?

The cost of the campaign consists of your advertising budget for Google. If you work with a company, you should also add a fee for setting up ads and optimizing them. The advertising budget depends on the type of campaign, the number of ads, but also the industry, competition and many other factors. The most popular payment model is PPC, in which the fee is charged for clicks. The cost of a click varies and can range from a few cents to even several dozen zlotys. Everything depends on the industry, competition and many other factors.

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How does Google Ads advertising work?

Google Ads ads are displayed in text or graphic form in selected places. When creating ads, we choose the size of the monthly budget that we want to allocate to the activity. We also determine who we want to reach, what we want to achieve and how to advertise. When a potential customer meets the conditions we require at the configuration stage, our ad will be displayed. This may happen, for example, when I enter a phrase of our choice in the search engine. The advertisement then leads to our website.

Is it worth investing in Google Ads?

Google Ads is a tool that effectively builds a company's image on the Internet. Thanks to a wide range of offers, it is an accessible tool for most companies. However, you should be prepared to spend at least PLN 1,000 a month on advertising alone. The smaller the budget, the lower the chances of reaching the right recipients and, consequently, obtaining sales or new customers. After paying for the campaign, the ads are immediately visible in selected places on the Internet. Therefore, it is worth using Google Ads not only to build recognition, but above all, sales.

Sample Google Ads campaigns

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