responsive web design

Responsive website

The absolute standard of the websites I create is their responsiveness. This means correct display on mobile devices.

Content management system

Each website created has a CMS - a content management system. Using it, you can easily edit the website and add new content.

A good-looking and readable website

The websites have a unique appearance, and thanks to the use of visual tricks, they please the eye and attract customers.

What are the advantages of having your own website for a company?

A website created for the purposes of advertising a given company is an increasingly common and increasingly important method in advertising campaigns. Your own website has a number of advantages that certainly contribute to increasing brand recognition among consumers.
What exactly are the advantages of website design? This is primarily a significant opening to new markets, i.e. a constantly expanding group of network users. In addition to receiving the offer that a given company has for consumers, mutual communication between them is significantly improved. Customers can use newsletters containing data on new promotions and products available in a given store. Your own website also allows you to better launch online stores, which are used by an increasing number of our compatriots. You can use the website at any time and from anywhere in the world.
A website simply pays off. There is no need to allocate constant financial outlays on it, it is enough to prepare the offer online once so that a group of customers can use it. At the same time, thanks to the website, we become a more credible brand in the eyes of each recipient.

CMS – Content Magament System

Your website will be based on the most popular content management system on the market - WordPress. An easy and convenient to use administration panel will allow you or your employees to independently edit all content posted on the website and add new ones. Adding language versions or new features will also not be a problem.

Don't you feel confident in this? Perhaps you don't have time to edit the website yourself? I will be happy to take over the website so that you can focus on what is most important to you and be sure that everything works.

Your website will work on any device

RWD – Responsive Web Design. Thanks to the use of this technology, your website will display correctly on all mobile devices. It will be adapted, among other things, to be viewed on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. RWD will enable effective operation of your website on any screen resolution. It will also provide reliable access to your company's offer from virtually any device.

Already in 2016, the number of mobile Internet users was greater than users of stationary devices - and year by year this number is constantly increasing. Correct display of the website on mobile devices (RWD) is not an option that can be selected when creating a website. Nowadays, this is an absolute standard that all the projects I create meet.

Website valuation

All websites are priced individually based on the previously estimated number of working hours. The number of working hours is influenced by the extent to which the website is developed; what functionalities it will have, and the complexity of the graphic design.

We will definitely come to an agreement so that your budget is not too burdened

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