Why do I need website maintenance?

Even the simplest website needs our attention. It might seem that once created, it no longer needs any intervention. Nothing could be further from the truth! Even a static website, where the content does not change frequently, requires periodic maintenance, performance optimization, updating the content management system, etc. All these activities improve its performance and reduce the chances of infection or data loss.

Of course, you can perform all these operations yourself or outsource them to a company employee. However, if you don't feel up to it or simply don't have time for it, this service is addressed to you.

As part of the selected package of hours, I will perform modernization and maintenance work on your website. I will pay special attention to it and respond to any irregularities. During this time, you can focus on running your business.

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What else do you gain by taking care of the website?

Always up-to-date website security - no risk of spam, data leakage, etc.

The website will not be infected and will not have errors that could ruin, for example, SEO activities

Increased website efficiency - user convenience, and therefore a chance for better conversion

Server management support (setting up e-mail, changing settings, contacting the hosting provider in case of problems)

Always up-to-date CMS and website plug-in code – no risk of website failure

Support in adding content and modifying the website

Graphical support (e.g. creating simple banners)

Free consultations

Price list

I provide professional IT support in the field of website maintenance, i.e. updating content, preparing graphics and implementing additional tools to improve the website's operation. With a package, your orders have priority in execution.

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